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A non-refundable holding fee of $1100 to $1250 (50% of the sale price) on pet kittens is required to hold the kitten/cat for a buyer. 


Note: High-quality Egyptian Maus are not inexpensive! Indeed, you can find Egyptian Mau kittens priced low elsewhere. However, these kittens most likely will not have the bright colors, markings, and other distinctive features that true Egyptian Maus must have. We have visited multiple catteries located in Russia, France, Belarus, Czech Republic and USA to find the best breed representatives that are currently participating in our breeding program.   



Silver Spotted Egyptian Maus: $2800-3000 (Pet)

Black Smoke Egyptian Maus: $2500-2800 (Pet)

Payment: We accept cash, money orders, and email money transfers, pay pal, bank draft, certified cheque.

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